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Mentor Books are leading Irish Publishers of General Books of Irish interest and Post-Primary Educational School Books - Junior Certificate, Transition Year and Leaving Certificate.

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  • Aufbruch

    Author Áine Francis-Stack

    ISBN 978-1-909417-43-4

    Publication date 01 Ean 2016

    Shop Price €15.95

    WEB PRICE €14.36


  • Transition Maths - 2nd Edition

    Author Michael O Keeffe

    ISBN 978-1-909417-359

    Publication date 01 Lún 2015

    Shop Price €15.95

    WEB PRICE €14.36


  • Gaelsaol

    Author Gearoidín Ní Dhuibhir

    ISBN 978-1-909417-10-6

    Publication date 01 Aib 2013

    Shop Price €15.95

    WEB PRICE €14.36


  • Rubicon

    Author Hugh Holmes

    ISBN 978-1-906623-79-1

    Publication date 01 Ean 2012

    Shop Price €15.95

    WEB PRICE €14.36


  • Transition Maths

    Author Michael O'Keeffe

    ISBN 978-1-906623-35-7

    Publication date 01 Aib 2009

    Shop Price €16.99

    WEB PRICE €15.30


  • Switching on to Business

    Author Enda Connolly

    ISBN 1-84210-241-9

    Publication date 01 Aib 2004

    Shop Price €21.00

    WEB PRICE €18.90


  • Chasse Aux Trésors

    Author Philippe Hamel

    ISBN 1-84210-088-2

    Publication date 01 Aib 2002

    Shop Price €15.95

    WEB PRICE €14.36


  • Ausblick

    Author Barry Morrissey

    ISBN 1-84210-089-0

    Publication date 01 Feabh 2001

    Shop Price €15.95

    WEB PRICE €14.36


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Discovering History

The book embeds the three strands of the new Junior Cycle History course in an easy-to-follow, chronological structure.

I Will Not Serve

Franz Reinisch’s courage, his refusal, despite the terrible personal consequences, to fall in line with an ideology he knew t...

Mach Mit! 2

New Junior Cycle German for 2nd and 3rd Year