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Mentor Books are leading Irish Publishers of General Books of Irish interest and Post-Primary Educational School Books - Junior Certificate, Transition Year and Leaving Certificate.

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  • The Dark Side of Celebrity

    Author Liam Collins

    ISBN 978-1-906623-38-8

    Publication date 26 M.Fómh 2009

    Shop Price €14.99

    WEB PRICE €11.99


  • About this publication

    A journey to the other side of fame – the stories of Ireland’s rich and famous fighting each other across the courtroom floor. The sexual affairs, alcohol abuse, dirty tricks and greed that ruined relationships and destroyed friendships. Alex Ferguson v John Magnier, Michelle Rocca v Cathal Ryan, John Waters v Terry Keane, Twink v Elio Malocco, Jim Mansfield v Annie Bullitt estate, Werner Braun v Stanley Roche . . . and more

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